Any person, business, or organization can be a ColorNooga (formerly Color Me Chattanooga) sponsor. Guess what? We are non-profit, so your sponsorship is tax-deductible (in part. Check with your tax adviser, always). Without the generosity of our sponsors, ColorNooga would not be possible. Why would you want to be a sponsor for OUR event? Because, 100% of the net proceeds will be used LOCALLY to benefit people with disabilities. That’s right. Your money doesn't go off to some nebulous for-profit organization, so they can hold more runs in other parts of the country. It stays right here in this region to benefit children, adults, and families living with or dealing with disabilities.

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Like we've stated a million times, we are NON-PROFIT. 100% of the net proceeds of ColorNooga (formerly Color Me Chattanooga) benefit people with disabilities who participate in Signal Centers’ programs and services. Learn more about Signal Centers Signal Centers has been meeting the needs of children, adults and families with disabilities in the Southeast Tennessee region since 1957.

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Busy April 5th? Can't participate? Gotcha covered. Just make a donation (tax-deductible) to Signal Centers! We will make sure your donation goes to assist people living with disabilities right here in southeast Tennessee. You rock. Donate today!

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“Don’t call them disabled. Ability is defined differently for everyone. I’ve never met more abled people in my life than those who enjoy the programs at Signal Centers. What we have is an opportunity to contribute to our own neighbors’ successes.”

- Stan McCright, 2014 ColorNooga Chair

“Signal Center’s participants have challenges but are always reaching for independence. Color ‘nooga gives us the chance to make a difference in the quality of life, education and work for some wonderful families.”

- Donna McConnico, Signal Centers’ CEO